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Charis Heising

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Who am I


Currently traveling the world. A long cherished dream becoming reality. I look forward to gain new experiences. I am a little addicted to work, so I will broaden my work experiences, while traveling, as well. 


Core values


My why

I love creating, organising, working together and helping others. That is why I’m an entrepreneur and love to work with other passionate entrepreneurs as well. I have a passion for food, that is why I mainly focused towards that direction. Besides, I love to work with brands and people that are authentic.  


Currently in Australia


Date of birth


Drivers license

Since 2010

What i do

Freelance Contentmarketing & Brand identity

 2019 – current

After founding several food concepts and helping others with theirs, I realised that what I loved most was creating the brand identity and make it a strong concept that people want to buy from. From logo design, to package design, to building websites, to writing newsletters and maintaining social media. I love to create content and visual elements.  

Founder / marketing / HR / manager

06/2018 – 10/2019

Together with chef Estée Strooker, I’ve founded this food spot in Arnhem. Your go-to for healthy, fresh, fast and delicious meals. 

I am responsible for the concept and brand identity, besides being the floormanager and doing most of the backoffice tasks.  

Founder / catering / food concepts

 2015 – current

I started this business as a caterer. From there I was asked to found a café inside an old schoolbuilding where entrepreneurs could rent an office. I opened the ‘Kleine Campus Café’ and later ‘Café Stekker’. 

I also provided culinary support at a restaurant kitchen, during events and for several cookbooks. 


PR & Communications

2012 – 2015

Currently, 365 Dagen Succesvol is one of the Netherlands largest platforms for personal growth. I worked there at the beginning of the foundation of this brand. I did a lot of diverse organising, PR & communication tasks at this inspiring company based in Amsterdam. 

Intern online marketing


During my studies, I went to Berlin for four months to do an online marketing internship at Zalando. My internship was mainly focused on Search Engine Marketing. 

Master marketing communications

 09/2012 – 06/2014

Masterthesis: identifying trends in logo design  

Communication science

09/2009 – 08/2012

Propedeuse: 2009
Bachelorthesis: presence of information-assymetry at service auctions

PR & Communications

09/2012 – 05/2013

Extracurricular I spent almost a year organising Create Tomorrow: worlds largest student think tank. 

PR & Communications

2010 – 2012

AIESEC is an international student association, for and by students who are (or want to go) abroad. I did PR & Communication for Make a Move, a division that organised career focused events. 

Check out some of my work

Content design restaurant ’t Amusement

Eight years ago, Estée Strooker opened one of Arnhems finest restaurants. On a regular base, I help Estée out where necessary. Sometimes you'll find me in the kitchen (during an event like Arhem Proeft, for example), but most of the time I provide support at the...

Brand identity LOVE+T

I love a cup of tea and I am really convinced of the benefits of (high quality) tea. Therefore, I was thrilled to be involved at the foundation of this cute new tea brand. I designed and built the website, as well as the logo and the packages. 

Culinary events

Events, dinners, tastings, parties or any other special occassion. Organizing a (culinary) event gives me a lot of energy. Let me help you with planning, logistics, marketing and the concept. I love working in a team, where the result is the sum of everybodies unique...

Founder of Eetwinkel STROOM

Together with chef Estée Strooker (winner of Masterchef NL), I have founded Eetwinkel STROOM. The place in Arnhem where you can go to, for your healthy meal. All the food we serve is produced in house, with local, regional and mostly biological ingredients. We are...

Brand identity Eetwinkel STROOM

Eetwinkel STROOM is a young, fresh, vibrant and energetic brand. We serve healthy food, but not in a 'superfood-woolly-kind-a-way'. With that in mind I designed and built the website and all kind of other designs, like menu's, flyers, social media, brochures, etc....



Create and organise awesome content, brand identities & events
together with beautiful, passionate people
 for authentic, game-changing brands.

My Skills

During my studies I learned that I like branding, public relations, writing and developing content. However, my love for food guided me into another direction. I started a catering company, which lead to opening a lunchroom.

Creating and organising gives me loads of energy. Together with my passion for branding and seeing opportunities everywhere I go, I started multiple brands over the past few years.

I’ve learned a lot about branding, concepting, organising and entrepreneurship. But I also developed my skills in terms of managing, back-office and human resources.

And of course, I learned a lot about food, cooking, coffee, tea and other delicious aspects of being a food entrepreneur. Please check out my skills-set below. 

  • BRAND IDENTITY 80% 80%
  • COPYWRITING 85% 85%
  • SOCIAL MEDIA 75% 75%
  • SEO / SEM 65% 65%
  • WORDPRESS 80% 80%
  • DESIGN 75% 75%
  • RESEARCH 70% 70%
  • ADOBE Ps / Id / Ai 75% 75%
  • MANAGING STAFF 75% 75%
  • BARISTA 88% 88%
  • COOKING / CATERING 86% 86%


Dutch: fluently
German: fluently



Dutch: perfect
English: good
German: quite good


Coming soon!

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